Topic outline

  • Introduction to mental wellbeing

    It's important for you to look after yourself, both physically and emotionally. 

    You need to stay strong, not only for the person you're supporting, but also for yourself. However, the constant, sometimes overwhelming, nature of caring for someone can put you at greater risk of developing a mental health condition yourself.

    Below are a selection of tools, information and supports to better look after your mental health.

    • Phone Apps


      HeadGear is a newly developed mental fitness smartphone app. It aims to increase your mental wellbeing, and help you cope more effectively with stress and increase overall mental fitness and general wellbeing.

      HeadGear was developed by researchers at the University of Sydney, UNSW and The Black Dog Institute in partnership with beyondblue and with funds from Movember Foundation.


      Click here to visit the website.


      Aura is a mediation app that provides a new, personalised three-minute meditation every day. The app continuously learns about what helps you and improves its daily recommendations.

      Aura will find mindfulness meditations, life coaching, stories, and music, created by the therapists and coaches, personalized just for you.


      Click here to visit the website.

      • Articles

        Helping someoe who has a mental illness: for family and friends -

        Someone who has been diagnosed with a mental health condition needs care and support – just like anyone with any other illness.


        Tips for good mental health -

        Good mental health is more than just the absence of mental illness. Here are 8 tips for building good mental health.


        6 signs your 'bad day' is something more serious -

        Every individual is different and our emotions play a huge part in who we are, how we behave and how we react to life’s events. Our emotions are what makes us unique, a critical part of our human behaviour that allows us to express ourselves on various levels. But what happens when our emotions leave us feeling different, which can affect other areas of our lives?



          Depression self test

          Noticed a change in mood or behaviour? Visit the Black Dog Institute website to check out the self test for depression, or pass it onto someone who might find it helpful. 

          .Click here or on the Black Dog Institute logo to learn more. 

          • EXTERNAL LINK

            Beyond Blue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.

            • EXTERNAL COURSE

              MindSpot is a free service for Australian adults who are experiencing difficulties with anxiety, stress, depression and low mood. MindSpot offers a number of treatment courses for people with symptoms of stress, worry, anxiety, low mood and depression. These courses help people learn about their symptoms, and learn proven skills to manage their emotional wellbeing and improve their quality of life. 

              MindSpot is based at Macquarie University, Sydney. They are funded by the Australian Government and contracted by the Department of Health as a regulated clinical service.

              Click on the Mindspot logo to learn more.